Growing up in a Christian home was a good start for both of us! Ernie accepted the Lord with his father as a child, and Carol as a teen. As always, the Lord was preparing us both all along the way, giving us contact with both the Spanish language and Argentina.

Carol is trained as a teacher, and loves music. Ernie is trained both as an electrical engineer and a Pastor. Both of us served in a short-term missions program of two years, Carol in Venezuela and Ernie in Aruba. Through this the Lord not only brought us together, but gave us a desire to have a future together in Missions.

Ernie attended Seminary soon after our marriage and the Lord brought many "life experiences" along with his classroom studies! It included dealing with death, illness, depression, and patience. Our desire was to serve again in a Spanish speaking country, but not knowing where. Baptist Mid-Missions hosted the School of Church Planting and there we were impacted by the need in Argentina. Being accepted with the Mission in 1990, deputation, language school, and the visa process all culminated in our arrival in Argentina in 1996 with our boys, Eric (13 yr) and John (11 yr) ready for a Church planting ministry, with a focus on discipleship. The children's ministry has been greatly blessed.